Welcome to the Freedom PT Training Newsletter. As well as bringing you news of any new and upcoming courses that we are running, we will also include useful training tips and other relevant information.


Work Experience: We can now offer the opportunity for our Personal Training Graduates to gain valuable work experience (subject to availability and interview) in a real gym environment. This will prove to be an invaluable addition to any CV. This is the latest addition to our list of fantastic graduate benefits.

Early Bird Booking Discount: For some of our ‘Get Qualified’ courses if you book your place 8 weeks or more in advance you will get the following discounts;

Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Personal Training – Save £150!

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training – Save £100!

Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction – Save £50!

Training Tip

Pick a weight that is right for you, not you ego! Never compromise on technique.



This is an often overlooked aspect of health and fitness and if ignored can lead to a range of problems.

In the short-term it will limit concentration and reduce performance and productivity whilst increasing the risk of accidents.

In the long-term it has been linked to hormonal disruption leading to weight gain and obesity, psychological problems, premature ageing, digestive problems, insulin resistance and reduced immune function.

As adults we need between 7 and 8 hours of quality sleep each night, so how can we ensure that we get this?

– Set a bedtime

– Avoid weekend ‘late nights’

– Avoid or limit naps to 20 mins

– Exercise (not too close to bedtime)

– Make the room as dark as possible

– Lower the bedroom temperature

– Sleep during hours of darkness

– Avoid caffeine 6 hours prior to sleep

– Avoid nicotine and alcohol

– Don’t go to bed too full or hungry

– Avoid bright displays and stand-by lights on bedside electrics

– Wind down an hour before bed

– Avoid activating the brain before bed

– Practice relaxation techniques

– Keep a sleep diary