Welcome to the Freedom PT Training Newsletter. As well as bringing you news of any new and upcoming courses that we are running, we will also include useful training tips and other relevant information.

Changes to our website

Due to an increase in the number of courses that we are now able to offer, we have made it much easier to find the course that you want. If you hover your mouse over the ‘Courses’ menu at the top of the Home Page, you will see three options:

Get Qualified – This includes Level 2 Gym Instruction, Level 3 Personal Training and the Freedom PT Training Diploma in Advanced Personal Training, all that you need to get your fitness career underway!

Develop Your Career – If you are already working in the fitness industry these qualifications have been selected to help you stand out from the rest and of course keep your skills updated. Why not reach the current highest level of REPs recognition with the Freedom PT Training Level 4 Diploma in Specialised Training?

Massage Courses – If you want a slight change in direction, or are looking for a skill to help you really stand out as a complete personal trainer, then look here for our sports massage course options.


The Choice of Olympians

The Tonbridge School Centre, the venue of Freedom PT Training, will be the pre-games training camp for Athletics Australia during this summer’s Olympic Games.



Training Tip

Try Tabatta: for a time effective session proven to be as effective at burning fat as it is at developing aerobic fitness.

Choose either a spin bike or rowing machine (a running track also works) where you can quickly change intensity and monitor times.

5 minutes warm up

20 seconds – flat out

10 seconds – rest

(Repeat 6-8 times)

5 minutes cool down


For first few attempts limit reps to 6 and aim for 75% of maximum effort.

Note – this is very intense and will not be safe or suitable for all – a thorough screening should always be performed to establish suitability of any exercise for your clients.