Welcome to the Freedom PT Training Newsletter. As well as bringing you news of any new and upcoming courses that we are running, we will also include useful training tips and other relevant information.

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Our Graduate Benefits Just Got Better…

We have just set up a closed group ‘Graduate Forum’ on Facebook where Freedom PT Training Graduates can exchange ideas, provide support to one another, access documents and articles or simply catch-up with their classmates. This is in addition to our other graduate benefits;

– PT Document Pack including all the paperwork that you may need to get started
– 10% Discount off any of our shorter ‘CPD’ courses
– Ongoing tutor support whenever you need it
– Referral bonus scheme
All at no extra cost!!


A Healthier Side for Your BBQ

Forget the garlic bread or potato salad, why not try roasted sweet potato and butternut squash wedges with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt and chilli flakes? Cook in the oven for about 30 minutes, or wrap in foil and place it on the BBQ.

Training Tip

There are plenty of articles at this time of year about getting a flatter stomach or achieving the perfect beach body. Similarly there are countless ‘restrictive’ diets that people will be trying in an attempt to lose a few pounds for holiday.
Without going to extremes everyone could benefit from following one simple bit of advice – Eat Clean.

In the first instance just cut out sugar (cakes, biscuits, confectionary, soft drinks and fruit juices) and refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white pasta (see ‘A Healthier Side’ above for a better option, and avoid the image below!).


Keep a record of what you eat each day as you go and it will make it much easier to see what needs changing.

Remember, nothing happens over night, but stick with it and you will see and feel the difference.